I  have been a member and Captain of Team USA , Boxing since 2004 (could also work in that I am a 4x US Champion). I am always looking for training and recovery tools to help keep my edge and help me prepare for World Championships this fall in China . I can't say enough about my new Titanium Shuzi bracelet (I love how light weight it is and sleek design! I get compliments all the time). Boxing demands balance, agility and strength for a successful training program and  for victory in the ring. I have been using your Shuzi bracelet for over a month now, and I can honestly say that it has helped tremendously with all aspects of my training program. I have even found it beneficial outside the ring helping me get through long days of training and working and still have the energy and focus in the evening as I work toward a graduate degree.

I recommend it for any  athlete looking to improve their performance.

Carrie Barry

Captain of Team USA Boxing


Since I began wearing my Shuzi bracelet my overall general health has improved.  While wearing the bracelet I recently broke the track record at Springfield Illinois (1 mile dirt track) and captured my first win of the season in dominating fashion.  This is the first pole I have earned in over 2 years and my first win in exactly a year.  Reaction time, reflexes, and a determination to succeed is what it takes to achieve these goals.  There is no doubt that the Shuzi bracelet had some part in my success.  Frank Kimmel, 9-Time ARCA Re/Max Series Champion



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